How to…

Advice for Participants

Welcome to #ukedchat. We hope you enjoy your experience with the chat session. Some people can feel overwhelmed by the chat session, so follow these tips and ideas to help you get the most out of #ukedchat.

  • Don’t feel compelled to read each individual tweet.
  • Respond to tweets which resonate with you and chat (reply) to comments you wish to remark.
  • INCLUDE #ukedchat within your tweet.
  • If you normally protect your twitter account, you will need to unprotect your account for your comments to be included in the archive. Protect your account again afterwards (We are currently exploring ideas where protected users can contribute to the sessions without compromising their twitter account).
  • Some participants prefer to use online twitter services such as: Twitterfall – add #ukedchat to the ‘All Searches’ box down the left column; Tweetgrid – auto adds #ukedchat you need to add in hashtag box) to your tweets once you have signed in; Google App store has Tweetdeck available, but this is also available as a desktop application.


Advice for Moderators

The following people have been invited to become moderators. The idea of moderators is that they contribute and add to the conversation, as well as helping come up with possible topic polling questions/issues. Host Moderators also scan through the tweets, selecting a brief overview/record of the ukedchat session.

  • Between 7-8, promote the discussion to the #ukedchat hashtag, and any other hashtags you think may be suitable.
  • Remind participants to use the #ukedchat hashtag – Point this site to any new participants who may need guidance.
  • Throughout the hour, moderator/s engage/reply/discuss issues with people, RT’ing any good tweets, and generally keeping the conversation flowing.
  • During the discussion, moderator/s keep discussion on track (keep reminding of subject). Try to bring subject back to initial question.
  • At 9, moderators thank all the participants for their contribution, formally closing the discussion, although some people will spill over the hour, which is fantastic!


  • The host moderator (it is recommended) should ‘favourite’ any good tweets they note throughout the hour, as this will help you when you complete the summary!

Links shared (relevant to the conversation) will be collected by ukedchat for you, and shared at the end of the session.


The Summary

The summary is published to this blog. Please try to complete this as soon as possible after the session (no more than 48 hours).


Fancy hosting a session? Please e-mail


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