UKEDCHAT takes place every Thursday evening between 8-9pm (UK Time)

The idea of ukedchat is a more uk-educator friendly version of the very popular twitter discussion #edchat, that takes place on a Tuesday. The problem for UK educators is the timing of edchat, being early evening, or at midnight, which does not suit a lot of educators. Therefore, following discussion with between some twitter colleagues, a UK / European friendly edchat was mentioned at timings more suitable and convenient for people involved with UK or European education (inside or outside the UK). The ukedchat is not trying to take over the good work of edchat, it is meant to further compliment the discussion at a time which is convenient to UK and European based educators. Needless to say, educators around the world are also invited and welcome to join in the discussion. For a great blog posting about ukedchat by Ian Addison, click here.

If you fancy moderating a ukedchat session, here are some tips/advice:

This guidance has been written for moderators in what they can do to support the chat hour

  • At around 7pm, note the winning question from the poll, sending a tweet out to #ukedchat promoting the discussion.
  • Between 7-8, promote the discussion to the #ukedchat hashtag, and any other hashtags you think may be suitable.
  • Just before 8, the host moderator welcomes people to the discussion, reminding them of the question, and starting the session.
  • Host moderator to welcome other moderator/s, explaining what their role is.
  • Remind participants to use the #ukedchat hashtag – Point this Wiki Site to any new participants who may need guidance.
  • Throughout the hour, all moderators engage/reply/discuss issues with people, RT’ing any good tweets, and generally keeping the conversation flowing.
  • During the discussion, moderators keep discussion on track (keep reminding of subject). Try to bring subject back to initial question.
  • At 9, moderators thank all the participants for their contribution, formally closing the discussion, although some people will spill over the hour, which is fantastic!


  • The host moderator (it is recommended) should ‘favourite’ any good tweets they note throughout the hour, as this will help you when you complete the summary!
  • The host moderator should note (copy/paste) any relevant internet links during the session for the summary.

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