Session 136 – What are your best ideas/activities for form/tutor time/registration?


Session Title: What are your best ideas/activities for form/tutor time/registration?
Date: Thursday 31st January 2013

Summary of the Session:
For the first time on Thursday evenings at 8pm #ukedchat had some serious competition. The launch of #alternativeukedchat came as a shock but peaceful co-existence and cordiality seemed to be the order of the night.

For us traditionalists over on #ukedchat we had children on unicycles, toasters in classrooms and snakes in bags – it was a truly odd and entertaining discussion.

There were contributions from teachers across the age divide ranging from primary up to FE. The disappointing news of the evening was that according to many teachers in FE their pastoral contact time with students was being severely cut.

There was some debate as to whether tutor time should be given over to silent reading with some interesting tweets from:

@SaysMiss tutor time for silent reading makes me sad. Get them TALKING about books. Passion for reading starts with sharing

@amanderson66 we do DEAR time (drop everything and read) as a literacy exercise during 2nd tutor period- often with discussion

There was very little interest among followers to discuss or defend the important place of signing homework diaries and student planners. Show and Tell is still a popular activity even at secondary school. I thought I’d win with my example of a live animal that a student bought in. But my dog was trumped by an owl and a snake!

Thunks, as ever, proved popular but no one was brave enough to say whether they had asked their students which biscuit they would be if they were a Roman soldier. I was pleased to see time capsules being suggested as I thought that even Blue Peter had stopped doing this! John Craven’s Newsround (it is still called that isn’t it?) featured prominently while secondary teachers favoured its slightly more boring elderly relative, the BBC news website. Others suggested quizes, termly projects, presentations, On this Day in History, and @missionexplore joined to talk about outdoor learning.

As the evening drew to a close the following tweet from @tmeeky seemed to strike a chord. Many contributors retweeted it or replied to it;

We don’t have to ‘fill’ every minute… there needs to be time to relax and be normal.

‏@urban_teacher and others rightly talked about the importance of routines and of building positive relationships. How we do it will depend on our personalities and interests, and ultimately how much we value the role of being a form tutor. As ever the impression I get from teachers on twitter is that they do care and they want the best for their students. But don’t forget to relax and be normal – yours might be the first smile your student sees that day!

Notable Tweets
@Jivespin We have a weekly quiz with each tutor contributing once a year – this was my effort – Review of 2012 Quiz #ukedchat

@WithoutMotive I’m IT support and sit between two form rooms. I hear the register, notices and that’s all. It’s wasted time. #ukedchat

@urban_teacher #ukedchat Reg Tip: Make the best effort to build relationships, rapport and stability for the students.

Tweet of the Week
@tmeeky We don’t have to ‘fill’ every minute… there needs to be time to relax and be normal #ukedchat

About Your Host
@nmckain Neil McKain. Head of RS. GTP mentor. Interested in all things T&L. Dad of Molly with a little sisiter for her on the way soon. All that and twitter is enough to keep me busy!


UKedchat session 136


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