Session 101 – Olympic Planning – Cross curricular ideas for an Olympic topic, theme & lessons.


Session Summary

My hope for this discussion was that those involved in the Olympic discussion could help plan lessons and activities for the coming half term and… as usual… those dedicated professional who joined UKedchat this week didn’t disappoint.
There was some contention all the way through the discussion about using (or not using) Olympic logos and other materials for fear of copy right infringement. Other chatter mentioned that amount and type of corporate sponsorship made them uncomfortable.

We began by discussing the big events happening in schools to kick start the theme. Lots of schools have some form of ‘opening ceremony’ planned which seemed to largely follow a similar pattern of anthems, dancing and cultural activities. Lots of schools seem to have assigned countries/continents for classes or year groups. This bought up the topic of nationalism and all this issues that can arise from it. A few schools are running their own Olympic torch events, either in their school or in the community.

The discussion turned to curriculum based activities. We explored each curriculum subject in turn and discussed ideas and share resources. To do this justice, I suggest you read the archive and the selection of tweets below. The three subject areas with the most enthusiasm and coverage were ICT (naturally), maths and science. Of course, we are a cross-curricular bunch and there were ideas and activities that spanned the curriculum.

There was a great discussion between some chatters about comparing the Olympic and Paralympics Games and lots of good ideas for potential PSHE lessons ensued.
The topic changed to a school sports day and special arrangements schools were making in light of the Olympics. There were some that suggested that Mr Gove’s anatomy may offer potential sporting promise, either by being thrown or to be used as a target. But for the majority of schools it seems that would be business as usual, with the mandatory wellies and quoits. Some participants mentioned that past students were either helping or competing this year.
The discussion finished with some participants discussing what to do for those children who do not enjoy sport. Reactions ranged were polls apart with some stating that students didn’t have a choice while others, reflective on their own experience of sadistic PE teachers, think quite differently.

smurfatik: @ICTmagic opening ceremonies & assemblies a world map where you click on the country & it takes you to a video about that country #ukedchat

mikeatedji: #ukedchat Top trumps for countries always good way for younger chn to find out about countries but make categories interesting.

cherrylkd: #ukedchat we will be cooking meals from some of the different countries and selling them for Enterprise

tech_Stories: @mattpearson #ukedchat It is tragic the way the sponsors have taken over…Not what Baron de Coubertin would have wanted to see!!

mberry: /lots/ of opportunities to create Olympic themed games in Scratch (or use BYOB and play across the network) #ukedchat

nct78: I do circuit training style lessons on Olympic themed grammar activities, 3 mins each station kids love it #ukedchat

peterSpencer88: @BMatthews393 Maybe have a Silly Olympics, where the children could invent silly events? #ukedchat

jobadge: #ukedchat idea from @orunner is to have BeeBot Olympics – in grps devise a game – eg nearest to target, then challenge others to compete

eslweb: Could also use Google Maps / Earth to look at the logistics of getting there. #ukedchat Nice little Geog exercise

mikeatedji: #ukedchat Olympics is an excellent vehicle to look at similarities between athletes however different they appear…What links them/us?

Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic) is a Year 5/6 Primary School teacher at Mersea Island School, near Colchester in Essex. His award winning wiki page provides a huge selection of free web resources for every area of the Primary and Secondary curriculum.

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