Session 91 – How do schools ensure best practice and big picture for developing ICT curriculum ready for disapplication of pos?


Session Summary

After Gove’s launch of a consultation process about the disapplication of the ICT Programme of Study and Key Stage 3 assessment arrangements for ICT, there  isn’t much time left for responses, so tonight’s discussion was a timely reminder for those who are still to respond.  It was clear early on, though, that some teachers who are currently using ICT to great effect to enhance their own subject areas are unclear about what the disapplication is about.  In fact, it also became clear that some teachers are unsure about how ICT/IT/Computing/Programming/Digital Literacy are all connected, or what the distinctions are and how much can be taught in other curriculum contexts vs how much needs to be directly taught.

A fast-paced discussion included points about how there will be no consistency for ICT learning experiences if every school is developing their own curriculum, the need to develop teacher skills, where schools will receive their support from in the absence of clear guidance,  whether computer rooms are “dead in the water”, how pupil skills may often surpass teacher skills but they aren’t necessarily savvy when it comes to using tools effectively.

An interesting discussion which provoked much discussion and – although very much focused on one particular curriculum subject – impacts many teachers in different ways.


@MrAColley: Any ICT teacher worth their salt was going above & beyond the POS quite a while ago. #ukedchat

@MattSmith565: #ukedchat trying to find the harmony between the curriculum and new technology can be tricky anyway. Maybe it would lead to creativity

@DKeano1985: #ukedchat with pupils described as digital natives, where is teaching to be taken. Will variety lead to inconsistency?

@ICTEvangelist: #ukedchat I also believe that ICT shd contain more than just computing but a mix of it all, office / media / web / programming / audio

@eslweb: @ICTEvangelist @Catriona_O ..And yet so much of CS could be taught with Excel šŸ˜‰ Only half joking. #ukedchat

@StephenLev: @richardblaize #ukedchat I agree about savvy student skills but perhaps not as savvy in application or in deploying those skills.

@richardblaize: #ukedchat – Before ICT can move on there needs to be some agreed recognition as to what ICT actually embodies and means to the stds/tchrs.

@richards_james: #ukedchat my favourite part of ICT is finding something new and letting the learner play with it and watch what they come up with !


@Kezmerrelda: #ukedchat the best ict is when children create things and have ownership. Not when the teacher dictates the outcome and controls the content


Jan Webb (@janwebb21) I’m from Cheshire in the UK, with over 20 years classroom teaching experience, currently working as an independent ICT consultant and for Naace.


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