Session 77 – #ukedchat #natcur Review Special


The anticipate review of the National Curriculum was submitted on Monday (19th December 2011), see authored by Tim Oates (Chair of the Expert Panel), Professor Mary James, Professor Andrew Pollard, and Professor Dylan Wiliam. With quite a bit of debate emerging on twitter, this #ukedchat session focused on the content, and main points from the review. Requests were made to Andrew Pollard & Jim Knight to attend the session, which they duly accepted. The main points from the review were mainly welcomed:

However, there were some questions which resonated throughout the discussion, such as:

With opinions and thoughts being forthcoming:

The question of the relevance of the a renewed National Curriculum was raised, as academies will not be forced to follow such a curriculum, although questions were raised that under such a new directive whether the requirement would be placed on these institutions, mainly secondary schools. There were a couple of strands throughout the early parts of the discussion focusing on the impact the review could have on inclusion, as well as the status ICT is given…both of these topics caused concern amongst educators across all phases. The political nature of education was also raised:

There were some interesting comments regarding Assessment:

…and in concluding thoughts:

This is only a summary of some of the tweets, comments and themes that came throughout the session. More tweets cannot be embedded into this summary as they came from protected accounts. To read the full archive from the session, please visit the link below: Ukedchat 22 Dec 2011

Links Shared During the Session:


Kristiina Kumpulainen’s speech at the Whole Education conference

26 Amazing Facts About Finland’s Unorthodox Education System

Read more:


Promoting Excellence in KS2 Curriculum


Slightly appeased


Some Initial Thoughts About The National Curriculum Review


National Curriculum Review: Expert Panel pen pictures



Image Source


HUGE THANKS to: @nightzookeeper & @ethinking for stepping in to help out moderation of the session.





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