#ukedchat Apps currently in development


ukedchat Android App Screen Shots

We are pleased to announce that the folks behind #ukedchat are currently developing apps for your Android and IPhone/iPad devices. As you can see from the screen shots which have been created whilst we are in test mode, the app will compile all the bits you need from #ukedchat, whether you participate in the weekly online discussions, or just use #ukedchat to collect and share resources, CPD, or ideas.

It is hoped that the app will have: the summaries from previous #ukedchat sessions; the latest #ukedchat poll; the #ukedchat flyer; the #ukedchat live feed; and links to other sites, offers or services that are relevant.

The cost of adding Apps to the relevant markets is quite considerable, and it is hoped that support will be obtained in this respect, but costs to people obtaining and using the app is hoped to be kept to a minimum, if not free! Advertising would also be kept to a minimum. More details will be released as soon as they become available. If you think you have an idea on what else could be added to the app, please leave a comment below (A game based on ‘angry birds’, but using politicians and teachers will not be permitted!!!)


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