#ukedchat poll indicates teachers prefer OfSTED just turn up!

Head-teachers and their colleagues dread getting the phone call kindly informing them that OfSTED are due to visit. Once upon a time, schools were given long notification of the visit, allowing schools months to ensure the premises and files were up-to-date. The system changed a few years ago, allowing OfSTED to give 3 or 4 days’ notice of their visit. However, this is fraught with stresses within itself, with many teachers feeling obliged to go into school over weekends to ensure their rooms, planning and assessment are where they should be.

There appears to be a growing trend of educators who now wish that this stress was removed, allowing OfSTED the power just to turn up un-announced, which would show the school in its true form.

In a snap poll of educators perusing the #ukedchat community, this opinion seems to be growing. Of the 80 responses, 56% thought that OfSTED should have the power just to appear at the school gates and inspect without any notice. The other 44% of respondents wanted to maintain the current regime, allowing a few days’ notice. No-one wanted to return to the old system, where schools had months to prepare for the visit (The results of the poll can be viewed here).


One thought on “#ukedchat poll indicates teachers prefer OfSTED just turn up!

  1. For my first Ofsted I had exactly a YEAR’s notice! We were waiting & preparing all that time. The second one was a 6-week notice one. That was much better than the first. My last was the ‘phone on Thur, arrive on Tues’ type. It was over a Bank holiday so we used that time to ‘tidy up’. When I worked for the bank, the inspectors could call anytime within an hour of the bank closing. Much better.

    We should be providing the same great service whenever, not just for an inspection. Children deserve better!

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