#ukedchat Special – 19 May – Getting them to Write

Following a twitter discussion on Sunday 1st May regarding the limitations of various schemes within primary schools, a request came through that we hold a ukedchat special discussion about the schemes and programmes that are used in schools giving pupils the skills they need for writing (using any media).

Are the schemes used in primaries providing enough of a foundation for pupils as they enter the secondary sector? Are teachers using schemes too rigidly? Which schemes are being used by primary/secondary teachers in a bid to enhance the writing skills of pupils? Do secondary colleagues find any big gaps in pupils writing when they come from primary school?

Please note, this discussion will focus on the skills pupils gain (or not), for example vocabulary, grammar etc. Do people still follow the Literacy Hour format in the way initially demonstrated?

Please share any schemes you use by tweeting @ukedchat, so that they can be added to this list (or e-mail ukedchat@gmx.com), from EYFS through to GCSE (and beyond, if necessary).

Schemes highlighted by educators ready for this session:

  1. Ros Wilson’s BIG WRITING- Details here.
  2. A CARP PIE – Example from TES Resources.
  3. Pie Corbett – Website here.
  4. Assessing Pupils Progress/National Strategies Writing. Info here.

This #ukedchat session was formed following twitter discussions with the following people:

@colport; @Nicholas3000; @TheHeadsOffice; @kvnmcl; @dughall; @xannov; @Natty08; @LouiW; @grahamcullen.

Join #ukedchat (via twitter) on Thursday 19th May 2011, between 8-9pm (uk time) for this discussion.

Thank you for your contributions.


10 thoughts on “#ukedchat Special – 19 May – Getting them to Write

  1. This loooks and sounds great – cannot wait to join in – I easpecailly llike the A CARP PIE resource. Thanks

  2. I will look forward to this. Mantle of the expert and other drama approaches (www.mantleoftheexpert.com) have been used very successfully in our school to inspire writing (as well as BIG Writing). ICT also plays a big part – animations, photostories, films (both created and watched), Fergus Fly etc.
    Maybe Tim Rylands could add to the pot? Or someome representing mantle of the expert?

    1. Any thing that motivates and improves writing, as well as forming the skills required. Secondary colleagues reportedly complain that pupils come from primaries unprepared, and lacking the key skills for writing. Wanting to address this.

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