ukedchat Proposed Conference 2011

Some ideas taken from the responses about what teaching areas the conference could focus on:

  • New methods of assessment – this is the key to changing practice.
  • Not distinct teaching areas but the teaching of EAL learners in mainstream education and ESOL learners in different situations would be interesting to me.
  • Not just tech. Writing would be an important area (might help get people there as heads will be more likely to pay for supply if improving writing can be said as an area)
  • Commercial vs Open Source
  • subject specific workshops
  • Teacher education
  • Policy, Planning for the Future, Training
  • It would just be great to have a larger scale meet up with like minded teacher. I like how ukedchat is showing that many ideas are transferable across all sectors primary-H.E. and it would be great to emphasize these aspects
  • Engagement with other stakeholders; training; professional development
  • use of technology for assessment.

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