Reflections from Interactive Whiteboard ukedchat session

Share one theme/idea you gained from the session this evening

  • The discussion about how best to approach training.
  • As a teacher trainer I was surprised at the number of negative tweets. Gives me serious food for thought about how to incorporate much more interactivity into my training sessions in future.
  • I have preconceptions. Every week they are challenged by ukedchat. This week my powerpoint dislike was shredded (partly). I’m going to go look at some of the links shared, and then share them further.  I’m also going to look back at my lessons this year. Are they as interactive (using the board or otherwise) as they should be?
  • How the pupils can be engaged by being drawn to the IWB in order to interact with whatever is presented.
  • That there /are/ other people out there who think technology is worthwhile in teaching, and not just a way to spend money!
  • Am I using the IWB to its full extent? Trying out new tricks and thinking about it differently.
  • Lots – but love the idea of using paintbrushes etc with FS and KS1 on the whiteboard
  • Think about the way you incorporate the IWB into your lessons – does it facilitate the learning as well as possible? How could it be made more interactive so that the learning increases?
  • Using AR with IWBs.

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